Netflix obsessions

Since Liam was born I have been watching 2 series on Netflix. The first one, Friends, I watch by myself and the second one, How I Met Your Mother, I watch with Joe. Both of these series have many seasons so they have been taking me (and Joe) some time to watch them all but they are short and funny episodes that make it easy to watch one or two here and there with a baby.





I am completely obsessed with this show and I am in the final season! It has been so fun watching the characters develop throughout the seasons. This is an oldie but a goody for sure. It has been great to watch during the days I am home, while Liam is napping, for me to just relax and get some “me time” (especially in the winter).




I am also completely obsessed with this show. It is so funny and you just can’t help but love every character. It definitely gets a chuckle out of me every episode. We still haven’t found out how Ted met his wife yet but we think we are getting close as we are nearing the end of the seasons on Netflix. This has been a fun way for me and Joe to relax after Liam goes down for the night.




These shows do have many similarities which is probably why I am completely obsessed with them both. I can’t wait to finish both series and move on to a new one!

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