The weekend #1

We had a pretty relaxing weekend.


After work, Joe and I took Liam and Marley for a walk because it was beautiful outside (in the 60’s which is warm in Wisconsin in March). We ran into our neighbors who were out walking their dog and baby as well so we walked with them and had a nice chat. We of course made dinner on the grill too!


Saturday mornings are so much fun with Liam because we just get to relax and be silly. He is so much fun in the mornings and is getting so chatty!


Joe took time on Saturday to clean out the garage. I vacuumed the house and mopped the kitchen. It’s always nice to clean up a little bit on the weekends.

We spent a majority of our Saturday outside. It is was in the upper 60’s and we just loved it! Liam and I went for 2 walks; one by our house and one with my mother-in-law in town. He played outside in his exersaucer and on his floor mat. He loved every second of being outside.


Liam slept like a champ Saturday night which led to a very rested mommy and daddy Sunday morning, even with the time change. It was a little chillier but Liam and I still went for a walk with Marley in the morning. Then in the afternoon we had my niece Ayla’s 8th birthday party. She is such a sweet and loving little girl.


The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and hanging out as a family.

Joe and I did watch the movie Entourage after Liam went to bed. I had never watched the television show and really couldn’t make much sense of the movie. Parts were funny but wasn’t really my kind of movie. If you like the show however you would probably like the movie! (I know I am almost a year behind on seeing this one!)

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as we did!

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