My dog Marley

I want to introduce you to my dog Marley and tell you all about how we got her and some of the details between then and now. Marley is a golden retriever who will be turning 3 in May.

All about Marley’s arrival: Marley was flown into a commercial airport with my husband (boyfriend at the time) the day after my sister-in-laws wedding which would have been July 21st 2013. She came with her sister Macy who was my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s puppy. She came with something else as well…..An ENGAGEMENT RING!!! I’ll share more details about the proposal another time. Marley is my proposal puppy and it was so darn cute!

marley1 marley2 marley3

Marley’s full name is Marley Sunshine Pretty Kitty Hailey. As you can see in the picture on the right, Marley likes to be on top of our furniture. She will sometimes sleep on the top of the couch. She is such a funny dog!

We had our struggles with Marley initially; chewing DVDs, anything cardboard, couch cushions, and even our walls!!! She never chewed our shoes though(phew)!

Marley and her sister Macy spend a lot of time together and just love each other! They wrestle and chase each other around. We are so thankful to share a sister puppy with my husband’s parents. Below Macy is laying down and Marley is sitting. Marley always needs to be involved in the action and ready to move, Macy is more laid back.

marley5 marley6

We describe Marley as the “party girl” and Macy as the “pretty girl” because Macy has very smooth fluffy fur and walks very gracefully and is very mellow and Marley has super curly crazy fur and is kind of clunky when she walks and just always has to be involved in everything around her.

We just love our puppy Marley. She even “talks” to us when she is excited. She loves visitors and people in general. She loves any kind of attention she can get. She struggled adjusting to life with Liam because of this but she has really warmed up to him now. She really is a beautiful and fun dog.

marley4 marley7

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