Bridal shower, bachelorette, and a lazy Sunday

Well, I had a really busy weekend but it was a lot of fun.


We spent the evening relaxing at home. We decided to try a new recipe: Cheesy baked spaghetti squash. It was really good, easy, and definitely something we will make again.


We played with and snuggled Liam until his bed time and then relaxed and watch some Netflix before calling it a night.


This was a super busy day! I got up and tried to get a few things together. I brought Liam to my mom’s before sweat circuit and then did a quick 25 minute class. It was a good class and felt good to sweat a little!

Then I had to run to the store quick to get some wrapping paper and snacks for the day. I hustled home to shower and get ready quick before heading to Chippewa Falls for my friend Katrina’s bridal shower.

The bridal shower was super cute! It was decorated beautifully and the food was really good. We had brunch and played a few games. She opened gifts and we were able to make a DIY succulent plant.

After the bridal shower we headed to the hotel to settle in and touch up our hair and make up. We had time to relax for a little before the next event.

We headed to two winery tours. Of course my drink of choice was water but others were able to sample different wines and find flavors they enjoyed.

At the second winery there was a band and we were able to get them to sing one more song for us. It was fun to dance and sing.

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. This included changing clothes and getting sassy! We hopped on the party bus and headed out to dinner.

My friend Breanna is also pregnant so we ordered waters together. Haha!


We got these fun tattoos to put on our wrists. So funny and such a neat idea!


Well after going a few places this mama was super tired. I decided there just wasn’t much I could contribute to the fun and decided to head back to the hotel and go to bed.


I was able to sleep in (until 7 haha!) and of course was the first one up. I spent part of the morning just relaxing and then went down to get some breakfast from the hotel. There were lots of yummy options.

Then a few of the ladies woke up so I headed down to get breakfast with them. After a while we woke up the other ladies to try to get things moving and packing up. It was slow going but we all were so tired. Eventually we got things packed up and headed home.

I got home just after Liam went down for nap. This was good timing for me because I was still so tired so I ended up taking a nap also.

After nap I soaked up some cuddles with my little guy and then spent the evening playing with him. I was definitely in a funk with the lack of sleep and the rainy weather but it was so good to spend time with Liam and Joe.

It was early bedtime for me and Joe both to get some rest before the work week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Bring on the week and a holiday weekend ahead!


A weekend outdoors and Mother’s day 2017

We had a really great weekend. Majority of it was spent outside because the weather was beautiful!


Joe got home early from work so when I got home from work we all headed out for a family walk. We stopped at the neighbors on our way by to say hi and catch up. It was nice to see them.

We made cauliflower fried rice for dinner with chicken and it was super good! Such a healthy alternative and so many veggies in 1 meal!

We spent the remainder of the evening playing with Liam and watching him be silly. His little personality develops more and more each day.


Before heading to work out Liam got some early morning play-doh time.

Then it was off to the gym for me. Not sure what got into me but I decided to make the sweat circuit extra tough and it felt so good! The ladies who came kicked butt and it’s always nice when my bestie Molly joins us!


When I got home Joe’s sister Erin and niece Kameryn were at the house. It was great to see them and Kam just loves Liam.

We had to do some grocery shopping so when I got home Joe, Liam and I headed into town to go to Aldi. This has become a normal Saturday event for us and it is great. We do it as a family which makes it so much more enjoyable and Liam loves going with.

After Aldi, we headed home and I took Liam straight outside to enjoy some sunshine. Then it was time for lunch and nap.


During Liam’s nap Joe and I worked on power cleaning the house. We tried to put things away and get a little more organized. I also decided to transition Liam into a booster seat and put his high chair away. I scrubbed the high chair and washed what I could to put away until baby 2 needs it.

Liam decided to take a super short nap. So our cleaning was cut short. He wanted to go outside right away so we headed back outside to play some more.


We decided since Liam was up so early and it was so nice out that we should go do something. After some thinking we decided to go to Willow River State Park in Hudson to hike and see the water falls.

Well it has been a while since either of us has done this and so we probably didn’t park in the best spot. We had quite the hike to get to the falls but we did eventually make it.

We took a different path back and at one point we just weren’t exactly sure where to go but we did find our way back. My phone said we went about 3 miles!

We went out to dinner after our hike at Big Guys BBQ. We had been there once before. I remembered it being really amazing the first time we went but this time it was just so-so.

We were all so exhausted after our long eventful day. We headed home and put Liam to bed and then shortly after that I decided to go to bed too.


Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s out there! Especially my mom! 🙂


I started my morning by sleeping in a little longer than I normally do. It felt nice to not have to rush out of bed for any reason.

Liam made me an adorable flower pot at day care on Friday. So cute!


Joe offered to pick up Caribou Coffee so I sent him on his way to get me a yummy drink. Liam and I played and had breakfast while he was gone.

Joe took Liam for the morning so I could take my time getting ready. I even was able to paint my toe nails and finger nails (something I haven’t been able to do in a while). Then I had to make a dessert to bring to my mom’s house. I decided to make Strawberry Cheesecake Dip (it doesn’t look very pretty but it sure tasted delicious).

Once I was ready we went outside to take some pictures of me and Liam. He looked so darn cute!

I also had to get a bump picture with baby 2! 🙂


My mom was hosting Mother’s day at her house at 1:30. Since this is right during Liam’s nap we decided to head over there early and let Liam nap there. He ended up taking a really great nap. I knew we had to leave that party early to go to the next so I ended up waking Liam up. He woke up super tired and shy but warmed up after a little while.

Liam really didn’t want anyone talking to him so he went over to a table by himself and covered his eyes with his hat. He is so funny!


I was thankful he was able to play with his cousins before they left as well.

My mom was in her glory with all her grandbabies! 🙂


Then we headed over to Joe’s aunt’s house to celebrate Mother’s day with his mom and grandma and family.


Liam got some more cousin time there as well. He definitely warmed up a little quicker at this party.

After eating there we went to the park across the street. “Bumpa” carried Liam on his shoulders there.


Liam had fun playing at the park. He mostly liked throwing the wood chips.

After the park we headed back to the house, said our goodbyes, and headed home. We gave Liam a bath and then it was bed time for him.

We relaxed for a little while and then I headed to bed early. I get so tired by the end of the day lately, especially if we are busy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all the mom’s were able to enjoy their day! Have a great week!


2nd trimester -weeks 13-20 (Halfway!)

Well I have made it to the 2nd trimester. This is when things are supposed to get better so I hope they do. I decided to do weeks 13-20 seeing as 20 weeks marks halfway.

Week 13
Still feeling lack of appetite in the evenings. I have been doing better with eating but still struggling to stick to my healthy eating I was doing before pregnancy. Mostly wanting carbs and sweets. Vegetables are more challenging to eat. Fruit is always good though.


Belly button has started to migrate outwards (so early this time around!). My belly is becoming more rounded every day!

Week 14
My appetite is finally back. I still don’t necessarily crave food but I am hungry that is for sure. I’ve actually even been able to stick to a fairly healthy diet this week which has been really helpful and encouraging. I am hoping to keep it up!



I got sick this week. It started out very mild but throughout this week progressed into some major respiratory issues. I made a dr appt to check on the baby as well as see what I can do to support my immune system. I have asthma which really has been gone for several years now but came back when I was pregnant with Liam and now again with this pregnancy. Thankfully I was able to start some medication for that and within a few days was starting to feel better.

Week 15
I could literally eat all day long. I am soooo hungry but still not entirely interested in food. If it is there I will eat it but if you ask me what I want to eat….it’s usually nothing.

I am finally feeling better this week after having some sort of respiratory cold. It’s tough to kick when you are pregnant but rest and fluids helped a lot. Hopefully this is the only illness I encounter the remainder of this pregnancy.


I have actually slept through the night a few times this week without getting up to use the bathroom. The baby must have shifted away from the bladder which has been sooo nice. I just never sleep as well after getting up to use the bathroom so I am extremely grateful for these few nights of uninterrupted rest.

My belly button has started to migrate outwards. This is always so weird to me. It is still in but moving out.

Week 16
Appetite is still going strong. I don’t have specific cravings but I am hungry and want to eat which is a really good thing!

I was struck with the flu during this week. It only lasted one day thank goodness but it was terrible and kept me sluggish all week.


My belly button is still in but it is really close to out. I’m going to have to take out my belly piercing/jewelry soon.

The sleeping through the night without having to pee thing was very brief. Up every night at some point.

Week 17
Appetite is still there especially after recovering from the flu. Having some serious cravings for sugar….mostly sweet/sour foods. I also crave some salty foods too. It’s really a toss up.

My skin has been so weird…my face and my chest. I seem to be breaking out a little bit more and have kind of blotchy skin now. Speaking of chest…my boobs are definitely growing.


My belly button is so close to popping out. Going to have to remove the belly button ring very soon.

Tried some maternity pants this week. I am still pretty in between but they were a nice alternative to my other pants.

Week 18
We went on vacation during this week. It was super fun! My appetite was crazy and I was hungry the whole vacation which was good. I am glad I was able to eat.

I had some lower back pain this week but that could be from all the travelling and the stress that goes with it.

My belly is starting to feel itchy as it grows and it sure is growing! I am still in between regular and maternity clothes. I am thankful I saved some pants that were too big for me because they are fitting pretty good now.


Belly button isn’t sticking out but it is out. The belly button ring has been removed.

I am still getting up every night to pee. I know that is going to be my life for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Week 19
My appetite is still going strong. I can eat all day every day. I seem to be so hungry lately.

My skin continues to be itchy. My belly button is for sure out. It is visible under my clothes now. Crazy how fast that happened!


I got a new face wash and that seems to be helping with my skin issue I was having. Some people say their hair changes but I haven’t noticed any changes with my hair.

I am still exercising regularly. I still teach 2 Zumba classes a week and 1 sweat circuit. I also either go for a walk or go on the elliptical over my lunch break twice a week. I try to take walks on the weekends as well if the weather is nice.

We had our ultrasound this week 19 day 6. It was great! Joe and Liam came with and it is just so cool to see the baby. This little one was moving all over the place during it. They sent us home with over 15 pictures of the baby.

Overall I am feeling really good. I have started to really get uncomfortable sitting, standing, sleeping, but that is the product of a growing baby! Generally though I feel great. I am usually really tired by the end of the day and end up going to bed pretty early. My pace for walking has slowed a little as well because of the extra weight and changing body.

Today is the beginning of week 20! I am officially halfway there! 


Another sunny weekend

This weekend the weather was beautiful once again and we took advantage of it!


After work I picked up Liam and met Joe at our house and then headed over to my parents for dinner. Liam’s cousin Judah was staying at my parent’s house so the boys were able to play together outside.

We had a wonderful dinner and a great time just hanging out. The little boys are so funny together.

Then it was time to go home, put Liam to bed, and relax.


We had our Saturday morning family time and then off to Sweat Circuit for me! I had a great work out with some wonderful ladies. I had missed last week due to vacation so I knew this one was going to be tough (I was sore by the end of the evening).


Then I hustled home to hang out with my guys before heading off to my hair appt with my bestie Annie. It is always fun to catch up with her while getting my hair done. She is really the best! And I love my hair!


When I got home Liam was down for nap so I decided to do a grocery run. We needed groceries really bad after vacation and just didn’t get a chance to take the time to go and get a bunch so that is what I did.

Then I had planned to get home and maybe relax a little after running all morning/afternoon but Liam decided he didn’t want to nap for very long and woke up once I got home.

We decided to go to the park with my parents and Judah. The boys had fun running around but both did their own thing.

When we got home we went for a family walk. I was exhausted so we took a nice slow walk.

We had a delicious summer meal of grilled BBQ chicken and a cold greek pasta salad (gluten free). It was so good.

We went outside a little more and then put Liam in the bath and to bed. We relaxed and watched some Parks and Recreation. I ended up falling asleep on the couch so I headed to bed early.


Liam was up and ready to go outside right away in the morning, however, we were not. So I set up a coloring station at his high chair and we colored for a little while. Liam had fun with that and loved when I drew a sunshine (my best artwork haha). He thought it was great.

After coloring we had to head to the store to get a few things I couldn’t get at the grocery store the day before. One of those things included a helmet for Liam. He loved it! We also got Liam a potty chair because he has shown some interest in going potty so we figured it wouldn’t hurt (he did end up using it one time during the day!)


Joe wasn’t feeling the greatest so Liam and I headed outside after errands to burn some energy. It was nice out already but the breeze was a little chilly. Liam got tired quickly so he went down for nap.

I had intentions of cleaning during nap but just got lazy and decided to relax and watch a movie. Joe did too. However, we didn’t even get to finish the movie because Liam decided a 1 hour nap was plenty.

He got up and of course wanted to get outside and play right away. We made our yummy blueberry, banana, and spinach smoothies and headed outside.

We went for a walk and just soaked up the sun the rest of the day. We really love being outside, Liam especially!

Liam got another bath because playing outside makes him extra dirty! And went down for bed. Joe still wasn’t feeling well with some sinus stuff. We relaxed and got ready for Monday and then headed to bed.

Our weekend was pretty basic but the outdoor time and sunshine was amazing. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the week!


Our vacation to Oregon part 2

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all amazing days on our vacation but we also had the best days Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!


Liam woke up pretty early in the morning again but did go back to sleep in bed with us. Joe captured Liam and I dreaming and snuggling.


The kiddos were ready to play right away in the morning again. Joe read them stories and played more ring around the rosie with them.

Chelby had school from about 10-2:30. It really was good timing for her class because basically it was lunch and then nap time that she missed. It was a beautiful day so we took the kids outside for some play time before lunch.

The guys tended to the boys while I snuggled up with Alena. She enjoyed the fresh air as well.

Then we went inside to put the boys down and Alena. I was able to get some really great sleep snuggles with her.

All the littles woke up so happy and ready to play. We decided to go for a walk to a park nearby.

Liam and DJ loved the park. I took Liam down the slide before I realized it wasn’t super fast and he could do it on his own.

There was so much to do at the park. It was also very clean and not too busy. Liam was able to “run free” for the most part and explore.

We sent Liam and DJ down the slide together. They thought it was pretty great.

They were both exhausted on the walk home. I couldn’t even get a good picture of them.

We let them play outside a little longer once we got home. Tyler was cooking dinner so we figured the kids would be better entertained outside. Liam loved their trampoline.

We had dinner, played a little longer, and then put the tired little ones to bed. Tyler picked me up some local cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. It was super yummy!


Then it was bed time for me as well.


Liam finally slept through the night in the pack and play and didn’t get up until about 6. Thank goodness!

We decided to head to Voodoo Doughnuts in the morning. We picked up a bunch of different kinds and brought them home to try. They were crazy combos and all were pretty good! My favorite was the Homer -a plain doughnut with strawberry frosting.

Liam wanted some Alena snuggles when we got back so that is what he got! So cute!

Chelby was then holding Alena and Liam really wanted to be by her, and then DJ wanted to be there too so she got surrounded by the kids.

I decided I needed to get outside and exercise after trying all those doughnuts. I went for maybe a 2-2.5 mile walk/run. It felt so good. Then I made Chelby and me a yummy smoothie that she showed me how to make. So good! (Coconut milk, plain greek yogurt, banana, spinach, and frozen blueberries —yum!)

After the kids were done napping we decided to head to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Seriously the tulip fields are so pretty however we all felt the tulip fields in Washington were better, but this tulip field offered more for the children to do.

We got some really great pictures with the tulips.

Honestly I took way to many but it was so pretty!

Liam wasn’t really into the tulips much and wanted to play on the tractors but we still were able to snap some cute pics of him.

They had pony rides which we thought Liam might like however he had no interest at all. DJ loved the pony ride though and did so good. Liam watched with much concern.

The boys also went into a bounce house. Liam liked that for a few minutes but then he was done. DJ ran all over the place and loved the bounce house too. There was a slide and some wooden shoes they could sit in.


After, we went home and ordered some pizzas for dinner. We played outside a little longer because it was so nice out.

After pizza Chelby, Joe, Liam, and DJ all went back outside to paint a project for DJ’s gymboree teacher.

Liam was exhausted by bed time which was good. He went down pretty easily. I was also exhausted and again ended up in bed pretty early. I had to tell Ty bye before heading to bed because he had to leave early in the morning. It’s always sad saying good-bye but on the bright side I get to see him in a month (for a wedding)!


Liam slept until 5 in the pack and play and then slept until almost 7am in bed with me and Joe. It was so nice to get some extra rest.

This was our final morning in Oregon. We had to be to the airport by 11:30am. Chelby dressed Alena in one the outfits we got her so that we could see how cute she was in it in person. She definitely was/is adorable!

We tried to get a good picture of the 3 kids and I think we got a pretty good one! They are just so darn cute!


I soaked up a few more Alena snuggles before we had to head out the door. Chelby brought us to the airport where we said our good-byes. Liam even gave her a hug and a kiss.

Liam was good on the flight again however he only slept for about an hour of the flight this time.


My mom picked us up at the airport and we headed home. We ended up getting home around 8pm. We put Liam to bed, unpacked a little, threw a load of laundry in, looked at some pictures, and then also headed to bed.

We really had such a wonderful vacation. It was so hard to leave Tyler, Chelby, DJ, and Alena but we are so thankful we get to see them again soon. We truly can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and friendship.

Our vacation to Oregon part 1

We had the most wonderful time in Oregon visiting our friends Tyler and Chelby and their two little ones DJ and Alena. We honestly cannot say thank you enough. They were wonderful hosts and took such good care of us while we invaded their home. Below I will include Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of our vacation. I will post part 2 soon after on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the vacation.


We got up early and got ready to head to the airport. Liam insisted on having his morning smoothie.


My brother Blake dropped us off for our 9:55 flight to Portland. Liam did such a good job on the plane and ended up sleeping for almost 2 hours of the flight. He really is a good traveler.

We arrived in Portland around 11:30. Tyler and DJ picked us up and we decided to head to a few waterfalls right away.

First we went to Multnomah waterfall. It was a little chilly and very misty from the water but it was so cool!

Then we went to Wahkeena waterfall. This waterfall was also really amazing to look at.

After the waterfalls we headed to Tyler and Chelby’s home in Wilsonville. When we got there we finally got to meet the adorable Alena Grace. Chelby dressed her so cute for our arrival. Liam was super excited to see the baby as well. He wanted to hold her. As you can see in the picture he wasn’t exactly sure how to hold her but he loved it!

They had made us yummy chicken tacos in the crockpot for dinner. They were super delicious!

Chelby had school in the evening but that was okay because we spent the remainder of the evening letting the kids play, snuggling Alena, and hanging out. We ended up in bed pretty early because of the time change but it was the perfect day and beginning to our vacation.


Liam had a super rough night of sleep. We shared a room and he just wasn’t used to the new space so he ended up in bed with me and Joe. He woke up just about every hour to see if it was time to get up yet. Then at 4 he decided it was time. He stayed quiet and snuggled but wasn’t going back to bed. Little stinker!


Since Liam was up so early Joe took him for a walk to go get coffee so that he was quiet while everyone else slept. I took that time to get ready for the day so that I could spend time with everyone else once they were awake.

Once DJ was awake we let the little ones play all morning. Liam was excited to see DJ and Alena in the morning.

Tyler had to go to work for the day which was okay and we knew would happen part of the vacation. He didn’t have to leave very early though and got home early too. I got to spend some quality time reading to little Alena throughout the hustle and bustle of the morning.

DJ goes to Gymboree on Thursday mornings so we were able to join them. Liam wasn’t too sure about the experience but did love bits and pieces of it. He would take breaks to go say hi to baby Alena which was sooo cute! He really loved doing Humpty Dumpty, Ring around the Rosie, and pretending to be a train.

After Gymboree Chelby took us to Dutch Bros to get some coffee. Oh my gosh….it was so good. Then we went home for lunch.


I soaked up a bunch of baby snuggles after lunch and Liam snuck in some baby kisses before he went down for his nap.

After nap Tyler, Joe, DJ, Liam, and I went for a bike ride to the park. It was a beautiful afternoon and it was nice to get outside and enjoy it.

Chelby had school again in the evening but before she left we all had cauliflower fried rice for dinner. It was so good. I can’t wait to make it at home.

We again spent the evening just hanging out and relaxing. Joe went to give Liam a bath and DJ decided he want one too and crawled right in with Liam. It was so cute!

Then it was bed time for the little guys and shortly after it was bed time for me. Travelling and baby growing took a lot out of me (plus being up at 4am….)!


Liam was up early again but slept much better than the night before. We again tried to keep him quiet so he didn’t wake anyone else up. He relaxed in the baby’s rock and play with his milk and watched cartoons. So funny!


We decided to go for a morning walk while everyone slept. We also wanted to get some exercise in so it was perfect. We went for a nice long walk before heading back to the house. The trees are beautiful and huge and everything is so green and pretty. It was a really nice walk.


Then, of course, it was morning play time again. Could these kids be any cuter?!?

Joe played ring around the rosie with the boys which they loved! I loved watching too. Alena got dressed super cute for the day and was just the most adorable little sleeper!

We decided to head to the coast after lunch. It was super windy and chilly but it was fun. Liam loved playing with the sticks and rocks on the beach. The ocean was so pretty and the waves were huge. It was so cool to see it and I am so glad we made the trip.

After the ocean we went to the casino for all you can eat seafood. We had a little bit of a wait so of course we tried to get some pics of the boys. The sun was too bright so the pictures are kind of dark but they were smiling and cooperating so well!

Once we sat down everyone hustled to fill their plates. I am not into seafood so I had to eat some of the other items but everyone else really enjoyed it!

Then it was back home to relax and let the boys burn some energy and go to bed.

Our first few days of vacation were amazing! Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were great too and that post will be coming soon!


Soaking up the sunshine this weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was amazing and we were able to get outside and soak up the sunshine but also be productive too.


After work Liam and I went straight outside to play. I filled up his new no spill bubbles he got for Easter and we had a lot of fun outside.


It was our normal Saturday morning routine. Wake up, drink smoothies, and I head to sweat circuit while Joe and Liam hang out. We had a great class!


Then I had to rush home, shower, and get ready. We had our niece Kameryn’s dance recital. We brought Liam to my mom’s to play and nap while we went to the recital.


The recital was so cute and Kameryn did so good. She really looked like she was having fun up on stage. Our brother-in-law Joel was also in the Dads dance group. He did great too! So fun to watch!

Liam of course had a blast with my mom and brother Blake. He even took a short nap because he was too excited to play outside with all the toys.

Then we went to Aldi quick to grab some fresh fruit and veggies. Then it was home to play outside some more. I had a delicious yogurt and fruit snack while Liam had fun in the swing.

We went for a family walk in the evening and then had burgers on the grill.


We were all exhausted by the end of the day! What a great day!


We had a lazy early Sunday morning. Then I started cleaning up the house a bit and Liam played with play-doh. It kept him entertained for a while which was nice because I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up.

Then Liam and I headed to the store to get a few groceries and renew my tabs for my vehicle.

We had brunch plans with the Greer’s at 10:30 so we headed out to Rusty’s after the store. So fun to catch up with them and eat delicious food.


We got home to put Liam down for nap. I cleaned more while Joe mowed the lawn.

Molly came over to pick up a few things at my house that belonged to her. We chatted and it was great to catch up. I also made her a delicious fruit smoothie to satisfy her desire for the Starbucks Unicorn drink (puke! lol).


After Molly left we went for a family walk. It is so nice to get outside and get some exercise by walking around the neighborhood.


Joe decided he wanted to smoke our chicken for dinner so he worked on that while Liam and I played in the yard. He loves running around outside and playing in the dirt.

My dad stopped by before dinner on his motorcycle. He took Liam for a few rides up and down the driveway (ahhhh!) and Liam of course loved it!


We had dinner and played a little more before giving Liam a bath and putting him to bed.

I had to finish up some laundry and then Joe and I kicked back and watched Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

We really had such and enjoyable weekend and are looking forward to warm weather and more weekends like this!


Smashed sweet potatoes

I learned about smashed potatoes on another blog (pb fingers) and they are amazing! So when I read about smashed sweet potatoes I had to try them!! The recipe was fairly easy too!


  • 4 medium sweet potatoes (or 3 large)
  • a light spray of olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons of melted butter (I actually subbed 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter—your choice!)
  • 4 cloves of garlic, crushed (I just chopped it up very small)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley (I’m lazy and didn’t use fresh).
  • Himilayan salt and black pepper to taste (can use any salt).
  • 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese


  • Pre-heat oven to broil settings to high heat. Trim of the ends of the sweet potatoes. Cut each sweet potato into quarters (or 1 1/2-inch pieces).
  • Place sweet potatoes in a large pot of salted water. Bring to a boil; cook, covered for 20-25 minutes or until just fork-tender. Drain well.
  • Lightly grease a large baking sheet or tray with cooking oil spray. Arrange sweet potatoes on the sheet and use a fork to LIGHTLY flatten each piece (they will be soft so try not to press too hard or they will end up breaking and mashed).
  • Mix together the butter (or olive oil), garlic and parsley. Pour the mixture over each sweet potato. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and lightly spray with olive oil.
  • Broil until they are golden and crispy (about 15 minutes). Remove from oven, sprinkle over the parmesan cheese and return to the oven until they cheese is melted.
  • Season with a little extra salt and parsley, and serve immediately.

***Notes: the fatter the potato the better (larger smashed pieces).

Recipe adapted from


Easter weekend and Joe’s birthday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was great with a few interruptions from the flu! Aside from that it was a wonderful Easter weekend!


Joe and I were both supposed to work however just about as soon as I got to work I got the call from daycare that Liam had the flu. Poor little buddy. I headed back home and spent the day snuggling him. He didn’t have much for an appetite so I just kept trying to get him to drink some water and hydrate his little body. By the end of the evening he was eating a little bit but not much.



It’s Joe’s birthday!! He and Liam spent some of the morning snuggling. Liam seemed much better in the morning and had his appetite back which was good.


I headed off to Sweat Circuit to get my weekend workout in. I love this workout and feel so good about getting it done on a Saturday morning. The ladies who come do it with me ROCK!


After workout I had to go to my mom’s to pick up 2 dozen eggs. She boiled them for me and I was going to make deviled eggs for Easter (I have never done this before).

Then I headed home to hang with my boys. We had breakfast once I got home and played a little before Liam’s nap. It was a rainy day so play time was done inside. While Liam napped I showered and got ready for the evening.

After Liam’s nap we headed to church. We went to Eagle Brook Church in Woodbury for the first time. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get to church Sunday morning and our church doesn’t offer a Saturday evening mass so we decided to try something new. My mom came with us. It was a really nice service. I liked the way they really broke things down and made it easy to understand. We would go back at some time in the future.

Then after church we headed to Pier 500 in Hudson for Joe’s birthday dinner. We met Joe’s parents, his brother Patrick, and my dad there (my mom was already with us). We had great appetizers and food and even got dessert. It was a great meal. Liam did pretty good too!

Then we headed home to watch the Blackhawks game and put Liam to bed. I had a major stomachache but needed to get those hard boiled eggs peeled for the deviled eggs. I did that quick and then relaxed with Joe before heading to bed early. I was so tired from the busy day and my stomach did not feel right.


The flu. It hit me in the middle of the night and it was terrible. I couldn’t keep anything down all morning, even water. I spent the morning on the couch while Liam found his Easter basket from the Easter bunny. He was thrilled to get bubbles and play-doh (we don’t do candy).

I was finally able to start keeping some water down but it didn’t matter. I had the flu and was going to have to stay home for the day.

Joe and Liam got dressed and ready to go to Easter. They looked so handsome!


They headed to Joe’s parent’s first. Liam ended up taking his nap there. Then they went to my aunt and uncle’s for my family’s celebration.


It was such a nice day. The kids were able to go outside and do an Easter egg hunt.

Then Joe and Liam came home. I literally spent the whole day on the couch just trying to pump fluids into my body. They had a great time though which was good.

I ended up going to bed early hoping that the extra rest would make me feel better.

Although the we had the flu, the weekend overall was really wonderful and I am so glad that Liam was able to enjoy Easter with family. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Mama’s due with baby 2 -a journal of weeks 4-12

Okay so we have been keeping our pregnancy a secret for weeks now and we are finally sharing the good news! During our time keeping secrets I decided to do a little summary of each week of my pregnancy and how I was feeling. A lot of the weeks were really similar. This pregnancy has been much harder on me than my last but I think it is good to share.


Week 4
We found out we were pregnant!! I had been taking the test super early and they kept showing up negative. The evening before our positive test I felt like crap (nausea, tired, icky). I knew I was pregnant so the next morning I took the test and sure enough I was! I quick made a big brother sign and put it in Liam’s crib while he was sleeping. I told Joe to look at how cute Liam looked sleeping and that is how he found out. We were super excited!

I plan to continue with my exercise regimen which is teach Zumba 2 nights a week and a Sweat Circuit one morning a week. Also 1-2 days a week I will use the elliptical and doing some stretching and ab work. I took 4 weeks picture to remind myself of where my body was and that I can get back to that body and even better if I work hard and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle! I am really proud of the progress I made after Liam and am hopeful to do the same after this baby. #afterbabygoals

Week 5
Feeling pretty good for the most part. I started to get tired and have a lack of appetite. I had some serious sweet cravings as well (bring on the ice cream)!

Also frequent urination started almost immediately this time. Waking up in the middle of the night and going a lot throughout the day.

Week 6
Really not feeling well periodically throughout the day. I started having nausea in the morning, afternoon, and evenings after dinner. Serious cravings for junk, especially carbs! Started having mixed cravings for sweets, pickles on pizza, and ice cream. Some serious junk food cravings as well at all times of the day. I haven’t had fast food for years now and I found myself craving  taco bell taco at 9 am one morning! what?!?

We had our first doctor appt to confirm the pregnancy. We wanted to skip this appt but apparently it is required to schedule the next appointment so we followed the rules.
Sure enough, as we already knew, I was pregnant so we were able to schedule our 12 week appointment.

Week 7
Still a lot of nausea, super tired, and lack of appetite especially in the evenings. Joe got me cheeseburger pizza (which has pickles on it) for dinner one night to help my craving. I got super sick and that craving no longer exists!

Still craving everything unhealthy and specifically anything with carbs! Also obsessed with apples this week, I had 4 in one day!

Week 8
So tired. Napping any chance I can for hours at a time. I feel so lazy. I also feel huge by the end of the day. My clothes all still fit great but anything tight around the waist bothers me in the evenings and I just feel huge even though I may not look huge.

Still experiencing nausea and lack of appetite. My craving this week was potato chips and top the tater which my husband made a special trip to the store to get for me. Thankfully I am still able to eat roasted vegetables however do not offer me a salad in the evening because I have absolutely no interest at all!

Had to add some fiber to my diet. If you don’t know why fiber is necessary during pregnancy…well it’s bathroom related. Hoping that adding fiber will help with some of my tummy issues.

Week 9
Starting to feel better in the mornings. Less nausea. Afternoons are still really hard and evenings I just don’t have an appetite even though I am hungry. I suddenly have a super sweet tooth and all I want is chocolate cake (which has never been something I loved).

I am still really tired but doing a little better there it seems. It’s hard to get motivated to exercise.

Week 10
Definitely feeling better in the mornings which is a huge relief. Still having some nausea here and there throughout the day, especially at night but it is not as bad as it was. Cravings for a bloody mary (virgin of course). Lack of appetite throughout the day, especially in the evenings, is a huge issue.

Feeling really noticeably pregnant this week. It is getting challenging to hide the bump. I know I am much larger much soon this time than I was with Liam.

I am still so tired and nap any chance I can. If I am home I will nap during Liam’s nap and can end up sleeping 2 hours!

Week 11
We had our first doctor appt this week to hear babies heartbeat and make sure all is well. We brought Liam with and it was just amazing. I love hearing the heartbeat. Liam was so curious about it too.

Still feeling quite terrible. Still tired. Still having some nausea and just upset stomach. Had a switch of cravings as well. I no longer want chocolate cake but I want sour gummy worms or sour patch kids, chicken with honey mustard, chicken wings, virgin bloody marys. So random!

Literally nothing sounds good ever, especially in the evenings though. I feel like I eat because I know I have to.

I had my first day where I was home and had the opportunity to nap and I didn’t. I feel like that is progress!

Week 12
This is the week where they say things get better and gosh I hope they are right! I still have a lack of appetite in the evenings but for the most part I am doing pretty good with eating. There are some things that I just can’t even think about eating (like fish) and cravings I’ve had in the past have completed diminished (like ice cream and chocolate cake). I have no desire to eat any of them however, pasta, and greasy food always sound so good.


I am so tired still. I really am not sleeping well at night. I get up every night to pee (still) and sleep really great until that moment. After I use the bathroom I toss and turn until my alarm goes off. When I have the opportunity to nap I set an alarm now so I don’t sleep for too long. If I take too long of a nap it definitely impacts my night time sleep.


I have continued exercising and that is going really well. I have also continued with the use of fiber which has helped and I will continue to use this likely the whole pregnancy.


These 12 weeks have gone by slow and fast at the same time. It’s hard to believe that I am now entering my 2nd trimester. I am hopeful that things will get better and as of right now mornings and afternoons are significantly better than they were. Evenings are still my challenging time. Here’s to 1/3 of the way done and 2/3 to go!