Birthday, Zoo, and lots of family time!

We were able to spend the weekend with family and cousins.

After work we had dinner quick and then headed to my Grandma’s house for her birthday.

All the cousins had fun playing together and Grandma enjoyed time with everyone. We had cake and ice cream and then called it a night.

We brought the kids home for bed and the relaxed the rest of the evening.

The boys started their morning with some hockey. I had morning sweat circuit. Then I hustled home to rinse off quick and get ready for the zoo.

We met my parent’s at the zoo. They had my niece and nephew for the weekend so we thought it would be fun to get out of the house.


The kids had a blast. It’s always fun to go to the zoo and see all the awesome animals.

The fish tanks are one of my favorite things to see.

We even got to see the mama sloth with her baby. I’ve never seen her move when we go to the zoo so it was so cool to watch her slowly try to climb up with baby clinging on tight.

When we got home the boys went down for nap and Joe and I were both exhausted.

After nap we had dinner. Grandpa stopped by to take Marley for a walk and then visited with the boys for a little bit.


Then it was bed time and relax time for mom and dad!

We had a concert at home and then headed off to church. After church we hustled home for lunch and nap time.


After nap I got some snuggles from Owen.


We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and watching TV. Then we decided to go to Rusty’s for dinner. It was delicious and the bonus was no clean up at home!

We went home after for bath time and the movie time.

It was a great weekend! Have a wonderful week!

Valentine’s Day 2019

Happy Valentine’s day all! We didn’t do any big celebration but we did have lots of fun!

The boys started the morning with gifts from me and Joe. They got new pajamas, books, and fruit snacks. Liam wanted to wear his pajamas all day which also meant Owen would too.

Since Valentine’s was on a Thursday the boys went to my mom’s for the day. They had a blast making projects and cupcakes and spending time with Grandma and their cousins.

Once we got home we had heart shaped noodles in our spaghetti. YUM!


Then Joe’s mom stopped by with some Valentines gifts for the boys. Liam wanted her to read his new book and Owen insisted he must squeeze in also.


We spent the remainder of the evening hanging out. Owen was being silly and wearing this headband from my mom.


We inflated the air mattress and watch the Blackhawks play hockey.

Once both boys were in bed Joe and I just continued lounging together and watching hockey. We didn’t do any big gifts this year, just time together which was perfect!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a great one!

Weekend at home

We had a pretty low-key weekend with lots of play time at home.

We started the evening with Liam not listening and losing TV privileges, which actually was great. We were able to read and play all night and it was a lot of fun. Liam even decided to dress up like a parrot!

Seriously how cute is it that Liam and Joe are reading a Blackhawks book? Liam had so many questions and just loves learning.


I had sweat circuit in the morning and it was great!


I returned home to a worship concert in the toy room. Liam was rocking out with his headset and guitar and then drums as well.

Owen was doing his own thing, which he normally does. He has such a fun personality.


At nap time I went to every store in town to get groceries.

When I got home the boys were still napping so I read a little bit and relaxed.

We had a relaxing evening. After dinner the boys played hockey, Liam put on another concert, and then it was bedtime.

Liam woke up ready to jam again.


Owen will copy most of the things Liam does. It’s so cute watching them lay on the floor together.

Owen loves wearing hats and sunglasses.

I can’t believe how big Owen is getting. He sits at the table and eats his cereal like a big boy and then kicks back in the big rocking chair with his morning snack.

Then we were off to church. I was on nursery duty this week so I stayed with the boys in there. I was able to catch Liam watching the service at the end.

After church I was so tired, so I put the boys to nap and decided to hit the gym! It felt great!


We decided to go to my parent’s when the boys woke up to watch the rest of the Blackhawks game and then have dinner.


Then it was home to put the boys to bed and relax.

It was so nice to have a weekend home and just nothing really planned. Hope you have a great week!


Finally some warmer weather!

After below zero temperatures there were finally some warmer days ahead of us! We decided to take advantage and get outside as much as possible.

All of us were tired after a long cold week. We spent the evening relaxing and hanging out.

Happy Groundhog Day! The boys were up early and ready to play some hockey.

Then I was off to sweat circuit. Another great Saturday morning workout. Then I decided to get some donuts for Groundhog Day. I picked out a few donuts and when I went to check out the lady said I was lucky customer 13 and my donuts were free! How awesome is that???

Liam and I enjoyed the donuts when I got home.

I got some cute shots with Owen. He is so funny.

Then Liam wanted to play with water and cups so I filled up a bowl, put on his swimsuit and put him in the bathtub. He thought it was the greatest thing ever.

While the boys were napping I did some cleaning and then went to visit Jordan and her baby Hayden. Molly and her baby Ruthie joined while I was there too. Seriously so cute!

I got home before the boys woke up. When Liam woke up we watched Punxsutanwney Phil predict and early Spring! Once both boys were up we got dressed in our winter gear and went outside to build a snowman and play in the snow. It was so nice out.

Marley even did some digging and had fun too.

After outside time we started prepping dinner. The boys ate before us and then my parent’s came over to do another celebration dinner for my mom’s retirement. It was so good. After we were done eating it was time for the boys to go to bed. Then we played a game. Joe and my dad dominated all 3 games against me and my mom.


It was so much fun. They left and we went to bed.

Seriously this kid and his hat….so funny!


Then it was off to church. There were pancakes before so we enjoyed those and then let the boys run around a little bit.

Then it was home for lunch and nap time for the boys. During nap I did some appetizer preparation for the Superbowl.

After nap we went sledding at Joe’s sister’s house. The kids and grownups all had a lot of fun. Owen would sign “more” as soon as the sled stopped at the bottom of the hill. Liam was hesitant to sled at first but once he did it he wanted to keep going too.

We had a grownups vs kids race that was a lot of fun too.

Then we went home. Prepared the rest of the appetizers and dinner for the boys. We turned on the Superbowl and watched it in the background while also playing hockey with Liam. Owen found a little keyboard and started pretending he was working.


We made way too many appetizers for the both of us but they were delicious. We put the boys to bed and watched the rest of the game before going to bed also.

We had a great weekend filled with family and friends. Hope you were able to enjoy some warmer temps and have a great week ahead!

Working weekend

I had a very busy weekend because I had the opportunity to volunteer at an amazing new program offered at my work that involves working with children. I am not going to talk much about that program but it was an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful to have been part of it.

I was exhausted after volunteering during the day. We spent our evening relaxing.

After volunteering all day I, again, was so tired. We however had a busy evening planned celebrating my mom’s retirement and my grandparent’s 60th anniversary. We went to a fancy restaurant and had a very tasty meal.


Judah and Liam really enjoyed the sorbet between each food.

It was so great to celebrate the amazing role models in my life.

It was my final day of volunteering. Liam woke up and wanted to kick back in our bed while I got ready for the day.


Joe took the boys to church. Owen feel asleep with my dad which never happens.

When Joe and the boys got home they went down for nap. I got done early and was home before both boys woke up. Joe had to run so I snuggled with Owen on the couch. Then Liam woke up and joined us. Such a perfect way to relax and spend time with my boys.


Then Joe got home and we rounded out the weekend with pizza and watermelon for dinner, some play time, bath time, and a movie.

Although I was very busy and not home a lot this weekend, it was a great weekend and I am thankful for the time I did spend with my family and for the opportunity I was given. Have a wonderful week and stay warm!

Time with friends, a birthday, and a date day

We had a nice long weekend since Joe and I were both home for MLK day.

We spent the evening playing. The boys love wrestling Joe.


I had sweat circuit in the morning and it was a great turn out and a killer workout. So fun!


Then I rushed home to shower and get ready for the busy day ahead. I met my college friend Ashli and we went to our college friend Jeremiah’s baby shower. It was so fun to see friends from college.

Then we rushed home and went to my niece’s 1st birthday party. Ashli came with since she stayed at our house rather than making a 5 hour drive home. Brynn enjoyed her cupcake and it was a fun birthday party.

Then we went home, put the boys to bed, and watched a movie. Then we all went to bed too.

The boys were up early since they shared a room so we did what we could to keep them busy and quiet so Ashli could sleep in. Liam was so sweet petting Marley and then rubbing Owen’s head.

We started getting ready for church and Ashli started getting ready to head home. At church the boys were running around being silly before it started. Owen thought he needed to copy the big boys.

Then it was home for lunch and nap time. Joe and I played some bananagrams during nap (he hates it but plays anyway).

We had my parents over for dinner and to hang out. When they left it was bedtime for the boys. Joe and I decided since we had Monday off to watch another movie.

As much as we discussed keeping the boys home since we were home we decided it’s a rare opportunity that we have a day off and daycare is open so we decided to have a date day. We kept the boys home a little longer in the morning since we could.


Then we dropped the boys off. I went to the gym and Joe went home. When I got home I showered and got ready for the day. We did some quick errands at Target and then went to lunch at Pier 500. The smoked gouda nachos are my favorite thing there so we order them every time. We both also go dessert. I, of course, ate way too much food.

We went home after and inflated the air mattress and watched some Netflix, which ultimately lead to us both taking a short nap.

Then I picked up the boys early and we had a fun evening at home.


Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead! Stay warm!

A weekend home

We had a pretty uneventful weekend which was nice!

Liam found our shade tent in the garage and wanted to bring it inside. We set it up and he pretended it was his house. Both boys loved playing in it.


It was spaghetti night and both boys love spaghetti. Owen was a mess. We also gave him some dairy-free yogurt and that made him even messier.

Then we inflated the air mattress and had a movie night.

I had sweat circuit. Then I was off to get an oil change and then groceries.

Then it was home for lunch time and nap time for the boys. Joe and I cleaned the house while the kids napped.

When they woke up Liam and Joe went outside to set up some traps. Joe is trying to trap a rabbit to eat. I’m not sure how I feel about it but we will see. While they are outside Owen and I played inside.

Joe’s mom stopped by to see the boys and then we had dinner.

After dinner we did more movie time and then bed time.

Smoothies and cartoons to start off the morning. We relaxed all morning and then it was time for church.


After church we went home and put the boys down for nap. I intended not to nap but got super sleepy and decided I wanted to nap too.

When the boys woke up from nap we went to my parent’s house for dinner. Joe and my dad went to the airport to pick up my brother Blake while my mom, the kids, and I hung out and played.


Then it was home to put the boys to bed and wind down.

We had a great weekend of getting things done. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Bowling, bounce house, birthday! Oh and SUNSHINE!

This weekend was very busy and filled with lots of fun!

Our friends from Oregon are still in town so we decided to go bowling. Annie met us out and it was just a crazy evening of the kids running all over. First they wanted to bowl, then then didn’t and only wanted to pretend to play the games they have there, then suddenly they wanted to bowl again. All of this while trying to order and eat dinner. It was chaos and FUN! I love watch our kids play and have fun together.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and when I got home I started to clean the house a little bit and decided it was time to get rid of the high chair and switch to a booster seat. Oh my goodness doesn’t he look so big?


It was a very abnormal temperature day for early January so we decided to go play outside. I put Owen in the swing for a little bit and then we walked out to our frozen pond and let the kids run around. It was so great to be outside and feeling the sunshine on our faces.

Then we went back inside for early lunch and early nap times due to an afternoon birthday party.

We got the boys up and headed to Alena’s 2nd birthday party at the Centre. We started in the bounce house. Owen went right in but Liam wasn’t too sure. Eventually he came around and the kids (and maybe the parent’s too) had a blast jumping and wrestling.

After a fun time jumping we moved to a new party room for pizza and cake. Alena is so sweet.

Then it was time to head home and relax the rest of the evening because we were all exhausted! Both boys ended up going to bed before 7pm because they were so tired.


I got up with both boys while Joe got a little extra sleep. We snuggled on the couch until Owen decided it was time to play (which was shortly after the snuggles).

When Joe got up Liam wanted to use the cordless vacuum to clean a little so he did that and then he wanted a fake tattoo and I needed to have one too. He wanted us to match but my tattoo needed to go on my muscle (according to him).


Then we got ready and headed to church. It was a great service and both boys actually wanted to play in the nursery this time so that was great too.


After church it was nap time for the boys and time for me to get some cleaning done. I didn’t actually get as much done as I wanted but I got the remaining Christmas items put away and some small things cleaned up.

Joe went hunting before Liam woke up from nap and just as Owen was waking up. Owen got some one on one play time before Liam woke up which he enjoyed.


When both boys were up we had snacks and waited for Joe to get home.

Once Joe was home we had a bubble party in the toy room, dinner, and then an evening of playing “chase” (where we run around the couch) and ring-around-the-rosie.

We had a great first weekend of the New Year. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Happy New Year 2019!

Good-bye 2018, hello 2019! We had a good 2018 but we also had some struggles. We are ready to bring on 2019!

I had to work New Years Eve but Joe was able to stay home with the boys. When I got home we had dinner and then inflated the air mattress for a movie night!

We got all settled in when my friend Tyler (who is visiting from Oregon) texted and asked if we wanted to come visit for a little bit. So we did! We backed up the kids and it was a blasted! The kids had fun together and it’s always nice to see them.

Then it was back home to put Owen to bed and watch a little bit of movie with Liam. He loved having the air mattress.

We put Liam to bed and then review our 2018 goals, our 2018 accomplishments, and set our new 2019 goals (with some ice cream).


After we set our goals we decided to watch a movie. We chose “The Impossible.” Great movie but I highly recommend not watching it right before bed.

We made it until 11pm (which is east coast 12am right?) and decided to call that “good enough.”

Happy New Year! We got up in the morning and relaxed before getting ready for a trip to the zoo!


We picked up my parents and off we went with our new zoo membership we got for Christmas.

Liam loves going to the zoo and Owen is old enough now to enjoy it too. It was the perfect day to go because it wasn’t very busy.

We had a blast showing my parent’s all the cool animals and Liam was just in awe of them all. Owen was even growling at the big animals.

We were all starving by the time we left so we picked up some lunch on the way home. We ate at my parent’s and put the boys down for nap there too. We watched the Blackhawks Winter Classic game.

While both boys were napping we watched “Dumplin” on Netflix (do not recommend). Owen ended up going down for nap late so I had to wake him up and he was not happy. We ended up leaving my parent’s and when we got home Owen was fine.

We had dinner, the boys took a bath, and then went to bed.

It was a fun New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Happy 2019!


Friends, Family, and a Celebration

We had a really great weekend. It was one of those weekends where we had tentative plans but everything ended up changing. We still did everything we had planned but at different days and times. It was great!

After work we had a lazy evening watching movies and playing with new toys.

I had sweat circuit and got a good workout in to start my day. Then I quick took a shower and got ready. We headed over to my parents to pick up the items that were  “left behind” on Christmas day. Then we quick swung into my grandparents to drop off their gift.

Then we went home for lunch. Owen was too tired and just went straight to nap. Then Tyler and DJ came over to play. I love how DJ and Liam are now old enough to play together.

Owen ended up taking a short nap so he was able to play for a while too. It was so nice to have them visit.

Liam ended up skipping his nap since we had visitors and Owen took a short nap so by the time evening rolled around they were both pretty tired.

Both boys ended up going to bed early without a fuss about it. Joe and I watched Equalizer 2 and then went to bed.

Liam was up at normal time but Owen slept until 7:30! I caught a rare moment of the boys snuggling too.


Then we were off to church. My brother Sean and sister-in-law Libby were being ordained as the senior leaders of the church.

It was really a special day and such an honor to witness Sean and Libby taking on the responsibility of the church and ready to lead with all they have. As well as the support of the members of the church.

After the celebration we went home and Liam, Owen, and I all took afternoon naps. After nap we visited my grandparents for a little while.


We then went home for dinner and had a relaxing evening playing and hanging out.

We had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did too! Enjoy your final day of 2018 and Happy New Year!