Haircuts, pictures, friends, and St. Patrick’s day 2019

We had a busy weekend compared to our last few!

After work we were all hanging out and Liam decided he wanted a haircut (which also means Owen would get one too). I took some before and after pictures. I promise Owen isn’t crying about his hair, he just wanted me to hold him.

We had dinner and then a relaxing evening. We had Joe’s parent’s dog for the weekend so Owen was getting used to having two dogs at the house. I got some nice snuggles from Liam to end the evening.


I got up and did my morning yoga followed by heading to sweat circuit. We had a killer St. Patrick’s day themed work out.

The dogs were competing for pets in the morning. So funny!


When I got home we got the boys dressed up so I could take some 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old pictures. Normally we hire someone to do it but not this time. I think I got some cute pictures!

After pictures Joe went to go cut wood with a few friends. Liam decided he needed to do some work at home too. Then Liam decided to play by Macy so she wasn’t sad about being at our house.

We had lunch and then the boys went down for nap. I cleaned the house during nap time. After nap the boys shared a snack on the couch.

Then I got brave and decided to take the boys and the two dogs on a walk. It started off with both dogs forcing me to basically job until they got the hang of it. Then it wasn’t so bad but not something I would do again I don’t think.


When we got home we went into the back yard to swing and play. Both boys had fun and so did the dogs.

We had some friends over for dinner to meet their new baby Charlie. Joe and Colin were best friends and high school so it was so good to finally meet Colin and Emily’s baby boy and he is soooo cute! I held him pretty much the entire time.

It was so great to spend time with them. When they left we let the dogs get up on the couch for another sleepover.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I did my morning yoga and then got ready for the day. When the boys woke up we all got dressed in greed and then went to church.


I was on nursery duty this week and Owen was the only one in there so we took some pictures together.

Then we went to Joe’s parent’s house, which is on the parade route, and put the boy’s down for a short nap. While they were napping I quick went to say hi to Molly and Ruthie.


Then it was back to get the boys up from nap so they didn’t miss the parade.My mom and dad met us there and brought Liam a doughnut.

We had fun watching the parade.

Then it was home. We tried to have both boys rest a little bit because they both had short naps, but they weren’t having it. So we did our best to play and keep them entertained to avoid any tired meltdowns.

We put them both to bed a little earlier than normal. I also went to bed early after a rough night of sleep.

Hope you had a great weekend and St. Patrick’s day! Have a great week ahead!


Rest and recovery weekend

We had another fairly uneventful weekend.

I went to work, Owen went to daycare, and Liam and Joe stayed home to give Liam one more day of recovery from a nasty stomach bug he got mid-week.

We had a relaxing evening before everyone went to bed early to catch up on rest.

I had sweat circuit but had to take it easy because I was also recovering from a cold/asthma flare up.

When I got home both boys were low energy so we watched a movie while Joe went to cut wood with some friends.


When Joe got home we packed up the boys and headed to my parents. Joe wanted to go look at a house so we had them watch the boys during nap time.

When we returned they were both up from nap. Liam didn’t want me to take a picture of him but I had to capture his amazing outfit he picked out.

We stayed for dinner and then went home to put the boys down for bed a little “early” to accommodate losing an hour of sleep.

I got up early and did morning yoga for the first time in a week due to being sick. It felt great!


Both boys “slept in” due to the time change and allowed me time to do my morning routine without interruption (never happens!).

Both boys were sleepy all morning. Church was cancelled due to bad roads so we were able to just lounge and relax all morning.

After nap Liam and Joe went to pick up our groceries. Then Owen woke up and he seemed like he might have pink eye so I brought him to the minute clinic. Of course, they couldn’t take him since he is under 18 months so we scheduled an appt for Monday.

When we got home we all went outside to get some fresh air  while the weather was decent.

We had a pretty routine rest of the day. We had tacos for dinner and then both boys took baths.


Overall it was a good weekend to recovery and now just hoping Owen isn’t sick and gets better fast! Have a great week!

Dinner time and kitchen clean up

Parenting is super challenging so I am always open to learning ways to make parenting a little bit easier. Following simplyonpurpose on Instagram has given me many ways to view common parenting issues as well as ways to handle those situations (if you don’t follow her on instagram you should!).

Dinner time with a toddler can be extremely challenging. Owen is at the age where he will eat most anything that is put in front of him. Liam used to be like that but now that he is 3 years old he has become more selective on what he will eat.

We often were getting into the “one more bite” battle and it wasn’t working.

What I have learned is that children are learning to self-regulate and if we tell them they need to take one more bite when they say they are full, they are not given the opportunity to learn. The same goes for being hungry, if they say they are full after not eating much it allows them to learn that they need to eat more.

Now during dinner, we as the parents make it our job to offer healthy dinner options for Liam (and Owen). He then chooses what he eats and how much of that item he eats. If he doesn’t want to eat something that is okay as he has other options he can eat.

Liam eats most of what is offered at dinner time now and it has made dinner time less stressful not having the battle and knowing that no matter what he will be eating something healthy for dinner.

I wasn’t sure it would work but it did and honestly had me thinking why didn’t I think of this sooner (again thanks simplyonpurpose)!

After everyone is done eating we turn on the kitchen clean up song (September by Earth, Wind, and Fire) and get to work.

Owen’s responsibility is to bring his milk to the fridge and to my surprise 6 out of 7 days a week he actually does it. It’s a small task but he is only 1 and it is still helpful. It gives him a “job” and makes Liam feel like both of them have responsibilities.

Liam’s responsibility is to bring his plate and milk to the kitchen. He cleans off his plate into the garbage and puts his milk in the fridge. Then his next responsibility is to spray the table and wipe it clean.

While Liam is cleaning the table, Joe and I do our best to tackle the remaining post-dinner clean up. Owen usually is following one of us around or playing but with Liam cleaning the table it eliminates sibling conflict during this time making it easier for Joe and myself to get things done.

This has made after dinner clean up the responsibility of the entire family rather than just one person.

Dinner time should be family time and these tips have made it so much more enjoyable for our family. 

A weekend of rest and snow

This weekend we laid-low for the most part.

I left work early to go to the chiropractor and get a 90-minute massage which both were amazing and much needed!

When I got home, Joe had to leave for a work call so the boys and I snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie.


Joe got home after the boys were done with dinner and baths. Then it was their bed time and shortly after mine as well as I was beginning to not feel well.

Saturday morning was beautiful outside with the fresh snow. So pretty and everything was sparkling in the sun.


I headed to sweat circuit but didn’t participate as I was still not feeling well. The ladies who came did great work! And my friend Amanda joined us which was super awesome!


When I got home, Joe took Liam to go get new cell phones for him and I. Owen was acting tired and sick so he went down for an early nap. I took an epsom salt bath to try to help me feel better as well.

After hours at the phone store, Joe and Liam came home with lunch. Liam just loves Owen so much.


Then it was nap time for Liam and then second nap time for Owen who was still tired and clearly not feeling well.

I had a girls dinner night so I was feeling well enough to still go to that. I got ready and we took some fun family photos before I left.

We went to Pier 500 which is always delicious. Then Molly and I went home while the others stayed out a little longer.


I was home before Liam went to bed (my kind of night haha). I went to bed early again to try to get some rest.

Owen and I were still not feeling well in the morning. We decided it would be best to skip church.

We literally spent the entire day just lounging and resting.

Hopefully you had a great weekend and have a great week ahead! Send healing vibes our way!

Essential oils…why I use them

Essential oils are all the rage lately but I wanted to share why I use essential oils and how they have benefited me.


I want to start with why I chose Young Living. If I’m honest I started using Young Living because it was the first essential oil company I was introduced to. However the better questions is why did I stay with Young Living and that is an easy question to answer…guaranteed quality. Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee and promise. They abide by very strict guidelines to fulfill their promise to send pure products to your home.

  • Their farms and partner farms abide by strict standards.
  • They hand-weed and use their own oils on plants for pest control to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.
  • They distill on site without chemicals.
  • They test every batch. If it doesn’t meet their standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, they do not bottle it up.

Now… Why do I use essential oils and how have they helped me and my family.

Allergies -I had very bad seasonal allergies that really just started being a year round issue for me. My prescribed medications didn’t seem to be helping me all that much. I was lucky enough to be introduced to oils. I started using lavender, peppermint, and lemon in a vegetable capsule daily. Fast-forward to today and I only take that concoction if my allergies flare up.

Skin -What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body as well which is why young living products are my go-to skin care products. I use oils for all kinds of skin purposes for myself, my husband, and my kids. I use them on my face as well.

Immune boost -I have found that I recover quicker from an illness if I use my oils to support my immune system. I also love using it on my kids. Specifically using Thieves essential oil to help fight off and prevent illness.

Chemical free -I wasn’t sold on the chemical free house until my child started sucking on his blanket for comfort. All I could think about was all the extra chemicals he was ingesting and how much that scared me. So I made the switch to chemical free laundry soap, hand soap, and cleaning products. And I won’t go back. I also think this helped with my allergies too.

There are soooo many other ways I use my oils to benefit my health and my family but above are the main ways so far.

Please feel free to ask me for more information and any questions you might have. My goal with this post is only to spread awareness of how essential oils can benefit the entire house and how they have helped me however, if you are interested in trying the oils or even signing up for a starter kit (seriously an amazing deal) click here.

Hope this helps you move forward with your healthy journey!

Casual weekend with family

Another weekend in the books and it was a snowy one!

After a crazy week at work I left a little early to get home to Joe and the boys (who were home for a half day). It was so good to be home and just relax with my family.


I had sweat circuit in the morning. When I got home Joe went out to shovel off the deck. There was so much snow! The boys enjoyed watching.

Liam dumped out all the coloring supplies and while we all cleaned them up, Owen got his hands on a marker, opened it, and colored his ear/face.

Then we were off to Joe’s parent’s house to have lunch before Joe’s brother Patrick moves out to San Diego. The boys played and had a good time. Owen was tired after and fell asleep on the way home.


The boys went down for nap when we got home and Joe and I had a lazy afternoon.

After the boys woke up we went sledding at Joe’s sister’s house. Kameryn joined us and Patrick came over too. It was fun but the snow was so deep! It was exhausting coming back up the hill.

After sledding we went home for dinner and then hung out the rest of the evening.

Church was cancelled due to the weather being so terrible. We had our own worship at home and then Liam played this bible app on my phone. It was pretty cool. I don’t think he fully understood the stories but that’s okay.

We went out to brunch with Joe’s parent’s and Patrick. It was delicious. Then we all went home and napped!

After nap the boys snuggled Joe on the couch watching hockey on his phone.


We then went to my parent’s for dinner. Liam “played” video games with Uncle Blake. He thinks it’s so awesome to play.

We enjoyed dinner and Oreo ice cream shakes for dessert. The boys played and ran around. Then we went home, put the boys to bed, watched Parks and Recreation and then went to bed too.

It was a fun weekend filled with family! Have a great week and stay warm!

Birthday, Zoo, and lots of family time!

We were able to spend the weekend with family and cousins.

After work we had dinner quick and then headed to my Grandma’s house for her birthday.

All the cousins had fun playing together and Grandma enjoyed time with everyone. We had cake and ice cream and then called it a night.

We brought the kids home for bed and the relaxed the rest of the evening.

The boys started their morning with some hockey. I had morning sweat circuit. Then I hustled home to rinse off quick and get ready for the zoo.

We met my parent’s at the zoo. They had my niece and nephew for the weekend so we thought it would be fun to get out of the house.


The kids had a blast. It’s always fun to go to the zoo and see all the awesome animals.

The fish tanks are one of my favorite things to see.

We even got to see the mama sloth with her baby. I’ve never seen her move when we go to the zoo so it was so cool to watch her slowly try to climb up with baby clinging on tight.

When we got home the boys went down for nap and Joe and I were both exhausted.

After nap we had dinner. Grandpa stopped by to take Marley for a walk and then visited with the boys for a little bit.


Then it was bed time and relax time for mom and dad!

We had a concert at home and then headed off to church. After church we hustled home for lunch and nap time.


After nap I got some snuggles from Owen.


We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and watching TV. Then we decided to go to Rusty’s for dinner. It was delicious and the bonus was no clean up at home!

We went home after for bath time and the movie time.

It was a great weekend! Have a wonderful week!

Valentine’s Day 2019

Happy Valentine’s day all! We didn’t do any big celebration but we did have lots of fun!

The boys started the morning with gifts from me and Joe. They got new pajamas, books, and fruit snacks. Liam wanted to wear his pajamas all day which also meant Owen would too.

Since Valentine’s was on a Thursday the boys went to my mom’s for the day. They had a blast making projects and cupcakes and spending time with Grandma and their cousins.

Once we got home we had heart shaped noodles in our spaghetti. YUM!


Then Joe’s mom stopped by with some Valentines gifts for the boys. Liam wanted her to read his new book and Owen insisted he must squeeze in also.


We spent the remainder of the evening hanging out. Owen was being silly and wearing this headband from my mom.


We inflated the air mattress and watch the Blackhawks play hockey.

Once both boys were in bed Joe and I just continued lounging together and watching hockey. We didn’t do any big gifts this year, just time together which was perfect!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a great one!

Weekend at home

We had a pretty low-key weekend with lots of play time at home.

We started the evening with Liam not listening and losing TV privileges, which actually was great. We were able to read and play all night and it was a lot of fun. Liam even decided to dress up like a parrot!

Seriously how cute is it that Liam and Joe are reading a Blackhawks book? Liam had so many questions and just loves learning.


I had sweat circuit in the morning and it was great!


I returned home to a worship concert in the toy room. Liam was rocking out with his headset and guitar and then drums as well.

Owen was doing his own thing, which he normally does. He has such a fun personality.


At nap time I went to every store in town to get groceries.

When I got home the boys were still napping so I read a little bit and relaxed.

We had a relaxing evening. After dinner the boys played hockey, Liam put on another concert, and then it was bedtime.

Liam woke up ready to jam again.


Owen will copy most of the things Liam does. It’s so cute watching them lay on the floor together.

Owen loves wearing hats and sunglasses.

I can’t believe how big Owen is getting. He sits at the table and eats his cereal like a big boy and then kicks back in the big rocking chair with his morning snack.

Then we were off to church. I was on nursery duty this week so I stayed with the boys in there. I was able to catch Liam watching the service at the end.

After church I was so tired, so I put the boys to nap and decided to hit the gym! It felt great!


We decided to go to my parent’s when the boys woke up to watch the rest of the Blackhawks game and then have dinner.


Then it was home to put the boys to bed and relax.

It was so nice to have a weekend home and just nothing really planned. Hope you have a great week!


Finally some warmer weather!

After below zero temperatures there were finally some warmer days ahead of us! We decided to take advantage and get outside as much as possible.

All of us were tired after a long cold week. We spent the evening relaxing and hanging out.

Happy Groundhog Day! The boys were up early and ready to play some hockey.

Then I was off to sweat circuit. Another great Saturday morning workout. Then I decided to get some donuts for Groundhog Day. I picked out a few donuts and when I went to check out the lady said I was lucky customer 13 and my donuts were free! How awesome is that???

Liam and I enjoyed the donuts when I got home.

I got some cute shots with Owen. He is so funny.

Then Liam wanted to play with water and cups so I filled up a bowl, put on his swimsuit and put him in the bathtub. He thought it was the greatest thing ever.

While the boys were napping I did some cleaning and then went to visit Jordan and her baby Hayden. Molly and her baby Ruthie joined while I was there too. Seriously so cute!

I got home before the boys woke up. When Liam woke up we watched Punxsutanwney Phil predict and early Spring! Once both boys were up we got dressed in our winter gear and went outside to build a snowman and play in the snow. It was so nice out.

Marley even did some digging and had fun too.

After outside time we started prepping dinner. The boys ate before us and then my parent’s came over to do another celebration dinner for my mom’s retirement. It was so good. After we were done eating it was time for the boys to go to bed. Then we played a game. Joe and my dad dominated all 3 games against me and my mom.


It was so much fun. They left and we went to bed.

Seriously this kid and his hat….so funny!


Then it was off to church. There were pancakes before so we enjoyed those and then let the boys run around a little bit.

Then it was home for lunch and nap time for the boys. During nap I did some appetizer preparation for the Superbowl.

After nap we went sledding at Joe’s sister’s house. The kids and grownups all had a lot of fun. Owen would sign “more” as soon as the sled stopped at the bottom of the hill. Liam was hesitant to sled at first but once he did it he wanted to keep going too.

We had a grownups vs kids race that was a lot of fun too.

Then we went home. Prepared the rest of the appetizers and dinner for the boys. We turned on the Superbowl and watched it in the background while also playing hockey with Liam. Owen found a little keyboard and started pretending he was working.


We made way too many appetizers for the both of us but they were delicious. We put the boys to bed and watched the rest of the game before going to bed also.

We had a great weekend filled with family and friends. Hope you were able to enjoy some warmer temps and have a great week ahead!